Our Recruitment Process

Are you hiring?

This page highlights the requirement to follow up procedure to hire workers from India without unnecessary delay. First step would be for the employer to send a fax or mail a copy of the required job categories along with Job Description, Person’s Specification and Terms and Conditions which will enable us to shortlist the potential workers.

Newspaper advertisements to be inserted only if the required categories are not available in our database.

Recruitment Cost

All cost related matters should be informed in writing such as cost of Tickets, Government fee, Pre mobilization medical expenses, Agents service charges and any other charges. We will give a detailed breakdown of the total expenses. We are very transparent in our dealings.


  • Job Order/Demand Letter
  • Power of Attorney
  • Agreement
  • Employer has to send us an original official Job Order, Power of Attorney and agreement. The original will be submitted to the POE, Cochin for approval.

Short listing

  • Pre-screening and shortlist of potential candidates are done after careful study of the requested categories in the demand letter, Job Description and Person's Specification of the employer.
  • Preliminary Interviews by the agent are carried out.
  • Trade Testing is done if required.

Dispatching CV’s to overseas clients

This will contain a detailed CV with copies of certificates, photographs and Trade Test certificates.

Method of Selection by the employer

  • Through verification of detailed CV of candidate.
  • Through Table interview.
  • Through Trade Test in the presence of the Employer if required.

Final Selection

Once the final selection is completed the employer is requested to issue a Letter of Appointment or A Letter of Acceptance of the selected candidate or candidates.

Pre-mobilization Medical Test and Trade Test

  • All recruits will undergo a comprehensive medical screening at a designated and nominated medical centre approved by GAMCA
  • Recruits will undergo a trade test subject to the request of the employer.

Visa Procedures

The Visa procedure varies and depends on the country. We will prepare the necessary documents as per the concerned country/Embassy requirements.